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03-11 Mercedes SL R230 SL500 SL55 600 Convertible Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Kit

03-11 Mercedes SL R230 SL500 SL55 600 Convertible Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Kit

This comprehensive kit is what you need to undertake the job from start to finish.


O-ring to rebuild the Vario Roof FRONT LOCK CYLINDER.....ROD SEAL

A very useful Pick Tool, for removing the old worn seals.

Hydraulic oil pump refill kit...for replacing lost fluid after you complete the installation in a clean & very easy way

1 Liter of ZH-M......, 000 989 91 03 10.....Hydraulic Oil

Installation instructions, guidelines & links to online useful resources for every portion of the job

Free Shipping

This is an upgrade to the OEM seal, which is not capable of withstanding the aggressive/corrosive hydraulic fluids.

The Nitrile Rubber compound used in this seal is exceptionally resistant to petroleum based oils, found in hydraulic fluids used in the Mercedes Benz convertible top hydraulic system.

For Use With The Following Vehicles

SL350, SL500, SL550, SL600, SL55 AMG, SL63 AMG & SL65 AMG

For repair of Mercedes Benz part numbers: FRONT LOCK CYLINDER 2308000872

Please note returns are not accepted on opened bottles of oil...The cap seal must still be intact and not tampered with for a return to be accepted


This hydraulic cylinder repair kit is not sponsored or endorsed by Mercedes Benz in any way.

The kit is and aftermarket product designed and produced by Wesbaun Consultants Inc to repair the failed, leaking Mercedes Hydraulic Cylinders that Raise, lower & Lock the convertible roof into position.

The kit includes seals which are a direct replacement for the failed urethane oem u cup ROD seals

Mercedes will tell you the cylinders cannot be rebuilt and will want to sell you a completely new cylinder costing $$$$.

All hydraulic cylinders in vehicles or machinery you come across can be rebuilt. That’s why there are many companies out there that manufacture replacement seals.

If you are competent with the use of basic hand tools this kit is a DIY project for you and will save you $$$$

We will not be found responsible for misuse, misinterpretation and poor workmanship when installing the seals. Correct installation is responsibility of the Buyer, we are not responsible for the outcome of installations performed by third party installers like your mechanic. If you do use a mechanic please ensure he has carried out this installation procedure competently before


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